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Here you find links to any newspaper/press/blog online articles, reviews, and interviews about my books as well any columns, reviews or articles I have written. They are in ascending date order.
(IOTG refers to Isle of Thanet Gazette, a local newspaper)

Article about the publication of Mortiswood: Kaelia Awakening - 31st October 2013

Diary of a Fashionista - Look Fabulous not Frightful for Halloween - 22nd October 2013

Diary of a Fashionista - Autumn hits the shops - Column - 26th September 2013

Diary of a Fashionista - Column 30th August 2013 

Fashion's Gone All Fiction - Diary of a fashionista column - 30th May 2013

Diary of a Fashionista - Rate or Slate? Column 19th April 2013

Tara Moore talks about Blue-Eyed Girl - article 5th April 2013

Getting My Shopping Fix: IOTG column 22nd March 2013

Column IOTG February 22nd 2013 - Fingerlickin' Good: Reading between the stripes and added extras.

IOTG Review of UpDown Gallery's second exhibition, Let Me Introduce... January 18th 2013 also featured on London's Flowers Gallery site here.

Review of Unveiling Christmas by Isle Of Thanet Gazette, January 11th 2013

Coming soon - Column 21st December 2012

Article I wrote for Isle Of Thanet Gazette about three authors - November 30th 2012

Column 23rd November 2012 - Isle Of Thanet Gazette (my blog) (Thisiskent website)

Review Lies Love Tells in Dover Express - 25th October 2012

Review of Lies Love Tells by Isle Of Thanet Gazette  September 7th 2012

Article about Lies Love Tells and author interview - Isle Of Thanet Gazette 27th July 2012